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My Ages Apart 誇世代 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

My Ages Apart is a 2017 comedy drama produced by TVB starring Bobby Au-yeung, Moses Chan, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin, Ali Lee and Maggie Shiu. 《夸世代》是一部香港无线时装商战、科幻、喜剧、恩仇电视剧,由欧阳震华、陈豪、张继聪、田蕊妮、李佳芯及邵美琪领衔主演,并由许绍雄、关礼杰、森美、江美仪、龚嘉欣及姜大卫联合主演。监制陈维冠。该剧制作费逾5000万港元。此剧为2017无线节目巡礼14部剧集之一、无线海外业务及简介2017所推介的17部剧集之一、2017年香港国际影视展16部剧集之一,亦为无线电视50周年4部台庆剧之一。该剧主要讲述宋仲基因一次坠机意外与包豹互换身体,与邝港生和刘行联手,兵分三路混入尚家的故事。于2017年11月6日在TVB首播,获得2017年度TVB万千星辉颁奖典礼最佳剧集奖。

My Lover from the Planet Meow 来自喵喵星的你 (TVB Drama DVD)

'My Lover from the Planet Meow' is a 2016 Hong Kong television romantic-comedy with a supernatural theme television drama starring almost the entire main cast from TVB's 2015 highest rated drama Ghost of Relativity. 《来自喵喵星的你》是由陈豪、田蕊妮、胡定欣、杨秀惠等领衔主演的科幻喜剧。

Nothing Special Force 雜警奇兵 (TVB Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

Name: Nothing Special Force (2017) Other name: Miscellaneous Police | Miscellaneous Cops Cast: Wong Ben, Wong Mandy, Kwan C, Wong Jacqueline, Wong Geoffrey Genre: Comedy, Crime Country: Hong Kong Runtime: 20 Episodes Release year: 2017 《杂警奇兵》是由黄智贤、黄智雯、黄心颖、秦启维、樊亦敏、李国麟、林韦辰、杨诗敏、C君等主演的二十集中国香港电视连续剧。该剧讲述一群香港警察的工作和情感故事。

Recipes to Live By 味想天开 (TVB Drama DVD)

Recipes to Live By is a 2017 Hong Kong television costume historical period comedy drama produced by Chong Wai-kin for TVB, starring Tony Hung and Sisley Choi as the main leads, with Hugo Wong, Rebecca Zhu, Stephanie Ho, Toby Leung, William Chak, Ram Chiang and Maria Cordero as the main cast. Recipes to Live By is set in ancient China with a food theme plot. The drama centers on god of cookery with Tony Hung playing Ding Yat-san, a poor village boy who is a foodie. However his true lineage is much more complicated then he knows.

Reply 1988 请回答1988 (Korean Drama DVD)

Reply 1988 is the third installment of tvN's Reply series. It received both critical and audience acclaim with its finale episode recording an 18.8% nationwide audience share making it the highest rated drama in Korean cable television history. 《请回答1988》是由申源浩执导,李有贞编剧,李惠利、朴宝剑、柳俊烈、高庚杓等主演 。

Rogue Emperor 流氓皇帝 (TVB Drama DVD)

Rogue Emperor is a remake of TVB's 1981 drama The Misadventure of Zoo, which starred Adam Cheng and Louise Lee as the leads. 《流氓皇帝》是2016年TVB出品的民国喜剧电视剧,该剧翻拍自1981年播出的由郑少秋、李司棋主演的同名电视剧《流氓皇帝》。

She Was Pretty 她很漂亮 (Korean Drama DVD)

A romantic comedy about two past acquaintances who meet again after they've gone through a reversal of fortunes and appearances, set in the backdrop of a fashion magazine's publishing office. It reunited Hwang Jung-eum with Park Seo-joon, who previously starred together in Kill Me, Heal Me and Hwang Jung-eum with Go Joon-hee, who previously starred together in Can You Hear My Heart. 该剧主要讲述了儿时财貌双全、长大后却一无所有的女主人公与儿时默默无闻、长大后却变身为完美男子的男主人公之间搞笑的爱情故事。

The Exorcist’s Meter 降魔的 (TVB Drama DVD) Collector’s Edition

The play is about the yin and yang of the horse season is a taxi driver, but also a demon demon can be a "priest", and different sub-space of biological contact, listen to their stories, feel their emotions s story. This drama is one of the 2017 radio program tour 14 drama series, by the wireless staff spontaneously provide original story plot, the introduction of infinite expectations. 《降魔的》是TVB拍摄制作的时装惊悚、鬼魂、喜剧电视剧,由马国明、黄智雯、胡鸿钧、刘佩玥领衔主演,并由黄子恒、蒋志光、谢雪心、阮小仪及金刚联合主演,监制方骏钊。此剧为2017无线节目巡礼14部剧集之一,亦是无线电视50周年4部台庆剧之一。

The Man in the Mask 蒙面检察官 (Korean Drama DVD)

The Man in the Mask is a 2015 South Korean television drama series starring Joo Sang-wook and Kim Sun-a. Ha Dae Chul (Joo Sang-wook) who has double identity. He’s a normal prosecutor during the day and a masked vigilante at night to punish those that the law could not. Meanwhile, Yoo Min Hee (Kim Sun-a) is a female detective in charge of the violent crime division. 《蒙面检察官》是韩国水木连续剧,由全山、金龙洙执导,崔镇源编剧,朱相昱、金宣儿、严基俊、田光烈、黄善熙主演。该剧主要讲述了身为检察官的男主人公遇到无法以检察官的身份解决的问题就变成蒙面英雄,改用拳头解决问题的故事。

Tiger Mom Blues 親親我好媽 (TVB Drama DVD)

Tiger Mom Blues is a 2017 Hong Kong Drama produced by Kwan Wing-chung and TVB. It stars Michelle Yim, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, Ben Wong, Koni Lui and Kaman Kong.《亲亲我好妈》是一部时装温情电视剧,由江美仪、黄智贤、陈敏之及米雪领衔主演,并由吕慧仪、何广沛、江嘉敏、韦家雄、卢宛茵及曾伟权联合主演,监制关永忠。故事透过香港教育制度、怪兽家长、生活压力等社会话题,带出家庭伦理。

Uncontrollably Fond 任意依恋 (Korean Drama DVD)

This drama is about an angst melodrama driven by Kim Woo-bin, who puts in a moving performance as a man desperate to help his love. 本剧讲述了男女主人公以不同身份再度相遇,从而展开的爱情故事。