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All About My Mom 拜託妈妈 (Korean Drama DVD)

Jin-Ae (Eugene) has a love and hate relationship with her mother San-Ok. She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin-Ae falls in love with Hoon-Jae and marries him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin-Ae is her new mother-in-law. While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin-Ae begins to understand her mother San-Ok for the first time. 本剧讲述了时装公司代理李真爱与妈妈以及婆婆之间充满矛盾又相互扶持的温馨家庭故事。

Angry Mom 憤怒的媽媽 (Korean Drama DVD)

When Jo Gang-Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting. She gave birth to her daughter A-Ran (Kim You-Jung) in her late teens and became more responsible. Her daughter A-Ran is now a high school student, but A-Ran is bullied at school. Jo Gang-Ja decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter. Jo Gang-Ja becomes a high school student again. The screenplay was nominated for the excellence award at MBC's Script Contest.

《愤怒的妈妈》是由韩国著名演员金喜善、曾主演《仁显王后的男人》的池贤宇和 《云画的月光》女主角金裕贞等主演。该剧主要讲述了曾是称霸釜山的大姐大出身的年轻妈妈为了拯救被学校暴力欺压的孩子们,进入高中校园后发生一系列故事的家庭青春喜剧。

Cheese in the Trap 奶酪陷阱 (Korean Drama DVD)


Based on the popular webtoon, Cheese in the Trap is about the relationship between two college students and the complications that develop from their opposing personalities.

《奶酪陷阱》 讲述了生活热情积极的女大学生洪雪和她的男友兼学长刘正等人的爱情、矛盾和各种浪漫而颇具神秘色彩的校园故事。

Come Back Alive 回来吧大叔 (Korean Drama DVD)

After being worked to death, Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) gets the chance to live a charmed life when he possesses Lee Hae Joon (Rain), a hottie and all around perfect guy. Meanwhile, Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) starts behaving as if she’s possessed by a man, and Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) — a widow with new romantic appetites — turn Hae Joon’s department store upside down. 《回来吧大叔》改编自日本作家浅田次郎作品《椿山课长的七天》,主要讲述了不幸过世的两位大叔获得重返人间的机会,却因重生身份不同,逐步发现生前所陷入的阴谋,并尽力守护所爱之人的故事。该剧是由郑智薰、吴涟序、李珉廷、金秀路等主演。

Come with Me 性在有情 (TVB Drama DVD)

Come with Me is a 2016 Hong Kong comedy drama starring Eddie Cheung, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, Louis Yuen, Benz Hui, May Chan, Sammy Sum and Grace Wong as the main cast. 《性在有情》是香港电视广播有限公司拍摄制作的时装温情伦理电视剧,由张兆辉、陈敏之、江美仪、阮兆祥、许绍雄、小宝、沈震轩及王君馨领衔主演,编审梁恩东,监制文伟鸿。

Descendants of the Sun 太陽的後裔 (Korean Drama DVD)

This story tells of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk (Uruk), and follows the love story that develops between a surgeon (Kang Mo-yeon) and a special forces officer (Yoo Shi-jin), both elite in their respective fields. The story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life. It's a Must Watch Korean Drama 2016!

Doctors 医生们 (Korean Drama DVD)

Doctor Crush / Doctors is a 2016 South Korean medical drama starring Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye. The drama was a hit and averaged 18.40% in audience ratings. Yoo Hye Jung was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate doctor. 《Doctors》是韩国SBS电视台播出的医疗剧,由吴忠焕执导,河明熙编剧,金来沅、朴信惠、尹均相、李圣经主演。该剧讲述踩着过去伤痛成为医生的两个男女,看尽人生百态后成长,开启人生只有一次爱情的故事。

Good Manager 金科长 (Korean Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

Good Manager is a Korean drama starring Namkoong Min, Nam Sang-mi, Lee Jun-ho and Jung Hye-sung. 《金科长》是韩国KBS电视台于2017年1月25日起播出的水木职场喜剧,由李在勋执导,朴载范编剧,南宫珉、南相美、李俊昊、郑慧星主演。该剧主要讲述了信奉原则主义的会计师入职某公司担任科长后,与公司内的恶势力对抗,守护公司的故事。

Happy Once Again 再一次 (Korean Drama DVD)

A romantic comedy about a once-popular first generation girl-group, whose members are in their 30s and are living very different lives as well as the men they encounter as they fall in love once again. 《再一次》 又名 《再一次Happy Ending》 是由 张娜拉、郑敬淏、权律、刘仁娜、刘多仁主演。该剧主要讲述了韩国第一代女团组合Angels成员在离开娱乐圈后,与圈外男性展开爱情的故事。

Inspector Gourmet 为食神探

Inspector Gourmet centers on solving mysteries with a food theme. The title of the drama is in reference to Louis Yuen's character Mak Sai. Mak Sai is described as a food addict with amazing crime solving skills due to his extraordinary sense of taste, smell and sight. 该剧主要讲述从小沉迷侦探漫画的酒家三厨杨得基、麦犀、患有失忆症的记者妹唐嘉嘉,以及车神岑爱娇组成离奇趣怪的“神探兵团”屡破奇案的故事。

Love in the Moonlight 云画的月光 (Korean Drama DVD)

Love in the Moonlight is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung with Jinyoung, Chae Soo-bin and Kwak Dong-yeon. A domestic and overseas hit, Moonlight achieved peak audience rating of 23.3% in South Korea and received praise for its production, performances and music. The press referred to its popularity as "Moonlight Syndrome" as it topped topicality, content and brand reputation charts in and beyond its run. 《云画的月光》是由金昇允、白尚勋执导,金敏贞、林艺珍编剧,朴宝剑、金裕贞主演的月火剧,于2016年8月22日在韩国KBS电视台首播。该剧根据同名小说改编,以19世纪朝鲜为背景,讲述了意图复兴朝鲜王朝的世子李韺和女扮男装入宫的女性问题专家洪乐瑥之间的浪漫爱情故事。

May Fortune Smile On You 財神駕到 (TVB Drama DVD)

TVB's CNY drama "May Fortune Smile On You" stars Wayne Lai, Pal Sinn, Matthew Ho, and Kelly Fu.《财神驾到》由黎耀祥、单立文、何广沛及傅嘉莉领衔主演,监制李添胜。本剧为无线电视2017年的贺岁剧集。相关剧集有《新抱喜相逢》及《倩女喜相逢》。此剧为监制李添胜离开无线前最后作品。