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1% 的可能性 1% Of Something (Korean Drama) (Collector’s Edition)

Lee Jae-in (Ha Seok-jin), a ruthless son from a wealthy family starts seeing an elementary school teacher, Kim Da-hyun (Jeon So-min) whom he has never seen before, on a six-month contract engagement, so that he could inherit the asset as written on his grandfather’s will. 'One Percent of Anything' is a romance drama depicting what happens to the pair during the fake engagement. 戴仁(何锦辰 饰)是圣贤集团会长李贵哲的孙子,年幼丧父的他从小在爷爷的严厉教导之下长大,个性迥异的爷孙两人在很多事上都存着分歧,随着时间推移,矛盾慢慢积累最终爆发,在和爷爷大吵一架后,戴仁离开了家,开始了独自一人的生活。 某日,戴仁意外得知爷爷立下遗嘱,上书如果戴仁不能迎娶名为多炫(全昭旻 饰)的女子,将会失去所有遗产的继承权。愤怒的戴仁将多炫当成了是欺骗和迷惑爷爷的骗子,两人之间产生了诸多的矛盾。然而,随着时间的推移,戴仁渐渐发现了多炫善良温柔的一面,一直扮演着纨绔子弟的戴仁,内心深处感受到了强烈的悸动。

2 Weeks Korean Drama Dvd

Main cast: Lee Joon-ki,Kim So-yeon,Ryoo Soo-yeong,Park Ha-seon,Jo Min-ki,Kim Hye-ok. Director: Choi Jeong-gyoo , Son Hyeong-seok Total Episodes: 16 Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: MBC Release Date: 21/02/14 Production Year: 2013 Running Time: Approx. 960 min (16 Episodes) No. of Disc: 4

3 Days 危情三日 Premium Korean Drama

Main cast:Park Yoo-chun,Son Hyeon-joo,Park Ha-seon,So I-hyeon,Yoon Je-moon,Choi Won-yeong. Director: Sin Kyeong-soo Total Episodes: 16 Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: SBS Release Date: 20/11/2014 Production Year: 2013 Running Time: Approx. 960min (16 Episodes) No. of Disc: 4

A Korean Odyssey 화유기 花遊記 (Collector’s Edition) Korean Drama DVD

Son Oh-gong (Monkey King) was once a powerful god but due to his arrogance, he is banished to the human world with his power sealed. Only finding the monk (Jin Sun-mi), and drinking her fresh blood will allow Son Oh-gong to regain his power back. When Son Oh-gong finally encounters Jin Sun-mi, instead of reacquiring his power, he finds himself falling deeply in love with her due to a spell. Woo Ma-wang has to take care of Oh-gong due to his mistake in the past, which is the biggest obstacle of him being the Supernatural Immortal. Join their journey of finding the lights in the dark world. 《花遊記》是一部取材於古典小說《西遊記》,將其再創造的現代奇幻愛情羅曼史故事。講述了擁有致命頹廢美的齊天大聖孫悟空和三藏法師在2017年魔鬼猖獗黑暗的世界裡尋找光芒的旅程故事。

A Witch’s Love 魔女的恋爱

Main cast: Uhm Jung-hwa Park Seo-joon Director: Lee Jung-hyo Total Episodes: 16 Genre: Comedy, romance, Thriller Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean Subtitle: Chinese & English Rated: PG13 Release Date: 01/10/15 Production Year: 2014 Running Time: Approx. 960 min (16 Episodes) No. of Disc: 4

All About My Mom 拜託妈妈 (Korean Drama DVD)

Jin-Ae (Eugene) has a love and hate relationship with her mother San-Ok. She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin-Ae falls in love with Hoon-Jae and marries him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin-Ae is her new mother-in-law. While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin-Ae begins to understand her mother San-Ok for the first time. 本剧讲述了时装公司代理李真爱与妈妈以及婆婆之间充满矛盾又相互扶持的温馨家庭故事。

Angel Eyes 天使之眼

Main cast: Ku Hye-sun Lee Sang-yoon Kim Ji-seok Seungri  Director: Park Shin-woo Total Episodes: 20 Genre: Melodrama, romance, family, medical Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean Subtitle: Chinese & English Rated: PG13 Release Date: 16/04/15 Production Year: 2014 Running Time: Approx. 1200 min (20 Episodes) No. of Disc: 5

Angel’s Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑. 僅此一次的愛情 (Korean Drama DVD9)

Starring: 申惠善 Shin Hye-sun、金明洙 Kim Myung-soo、李東健 Lee Dong-gun Directed by: Lee Jung-sub Total Episodes: 1-16 (Complete Set) Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitles: Chinese, English Rated: PG Studio: KBS Media Format: NTSC 2.0 Stereo Region Code: All Countries Release Date: 29 October 2020 Production Year: 2019 Running Time: Approx. 60 mins per episode No. of Disc: 4 DVDs 

Angry Mom 憤怒的媽媽 (Korean Drama DVD)

When Jo Gang-Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting. She gave birth to her daughter A-Ran (Kim You-Jung) in her late teens and became more responsible. Her daughter A-Ran is now a high school student, but A-Ran is bullied at school. Jo Gang-Ja decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter. Jo Gang-Ja becomes a high school student again. The screenplay was nominated for the excellence award at MBC's Script Contest.

《愤怒的妈妈》是由韩国著名演员金喜善、曾主演《仁显王后的男人》的池贤宇和 《云画的月光》女主角金裕贞等主演。该剧主要讲述了曾是称霸釜山的大姐大出身的年轻妈妈为了拯救被学校暴力欺压的孩子们,进入高中校园后发生一系列故事的家庭青春喜剧。


Also known as: The Tale of Arang Main cast: Lee Joon-gi 李準基, Shin Min-ah 新慜娥, Yeon Woo-jin 延宇振 Director: Kim Sang-ho-I Total Episodes: 20 Genre: Fantasy, Comedy Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean Subtitle: Chinese & English Rated: PG Release Date: 11/06/2013 Production Year: 2012 Running Time: Approx. 900 min (20 Episodes) No. of Disc: 4

Are You Human Too? 너도 인간이니? 你也是人类吗? (Korean Drama DVD9)


Oh Laura, a renowned scientist, was forced to part with her young son, Nam Shin to cope with her loss. Over the years, she builds various AI robots modelled after him naming them Nam Shin I, II and III. Decades later, after surviving an attempt on his life. Nam Shin slips into a coma to protect his position as the heir to a chaebol. Laura Senos Nam Shin III to take his place and fulfil his outies.

Kang So Bong was a member of Nam Shin's security detail until she was disgracefully dismissed. She becomes Nam Shin III's bodyguard, determined to get to the bottom of his strange comments and behaviour. However, she gets more than what she's bargained for when she starts falling for him and has to keep him safe from the very people who'd tried to murder Nam Shin.


Bel Ami Korean Drama Dvd

Main cast: Jang Geun Seok,IU,Han Chae Yeong,Lee Jang Woo. Director: Jeong Jeong-hwa, Lee Jae-sang Total Episodes: 16 Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: KBS Release Date: 29/05/14 Production Year: 2013 Running Time: Approx. 960 min (16 Episodes) No. of Disc: 4