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Brother’s Keeper Ⅱ巨轮2 (TVB Drama DVD)

Brother's Keeper II differs from Brother's Keeper in types while the Brother's Keeper is focusing on historical events, the sequel is more focusing on the conflict within business. 《巨轮2》是由萧正楠、田蕊妮、陈展鹏、吴岱融、阮兆祥、陈凯琳等主演的时装伦理剧。该剧承接《巨轮》讲述罗威信与姚文英如何白手起家创立“罗信记”,令其成为港澳第一手信品牌的故事。

Inspector Gourmet 为食神探

Inspector Gourmet centers on solving mysteries with a food theme. The title of the drama is in reference to Louis Yuen's character Mak Sai. Mak Sai is described as a food addict with amazing crime solving skills due to his extraordinary sense of taste, smell and sight. 该剧主要讲述从小沉迷侦探漫画的酒家三厨杨得基、麦犀、患有失忆症的记者妹唐嘉嘉,以及车神岑爱娇组成离奇趣怪的“神探兵团”屡破奇案的故事。

Law dis-Order 律政強人 (TVB Drama DVD)

Law dis-Order centers its story on two authority and money-hungry lawyers, and how their obsession for power pushes them further and further away from morality. This drama brings back award-winning veteran actors Alex Fong (方中信) and Liu Kai-chi (廖啟智) in their first collaboration together at TVB. 《律政强人》是由香港电视广播有限公司拍摄制作,罗永贤监制,方中信、廖启智、黄智雯、李佳芯、刘丹、钟景辉等主演的时装法律剧。 有人说法律的基本精神是维护公义,然而在功利挂帅的现实社会,法律被视作巧取豪夺的利刃。律师身为把关者,有多少能够按着良心,守住公义的底线? 该剧讲述律师行老板卓继尧因担心被下属刘谨昌谋朝篡位,遂招揽张强加入以牵制对方,展开律师楼内一场权力游戏的故事。