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The Idle Mermaid 剩余公主

Main cast: Jo Bo-ah On Joo-wan Song Jae-rim Park Ji-soo Director: Baek Seung-ryong Total Episodes: 10 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama Audio Tracks: Mandarin & Korean Subtitle: Chinese & English Rated: PG13 Release Date: 05/11/15 Production Year: 2014 Running Time: Approx. 600 min (10 Episodes) No. of Disc: 3

The Town: The Uninvited 村莊:阿雉阿拉的祕密 (Korean Drama DVD)

Achiara is a small and peaceful village with nearly zero crime. One day, So-Yoon (Moon Geun-Young) arrives in Achiara. She will teach English at the local school. On her first day at work, she finds a buried body. So-Yoon and Police Officer Woo-Jae (Yook Sung-Jae) attempt to find the truth. As they get closer to the truth, the ugliness of the village is revealed. 本剧由文瑾莹、陆星材、温朱万、申恩庆等主演 ,主要讲述了在一个和平的村庄里发现一具被埋藏多年的尸体,进而这个村庄的秘密被一步步揭露的故事。