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My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 邻家律师赵德浩 (Korean Drama DVD) (Collector’s Edition)

Jo Deul Ho (Park Shin-yang) who once had a bright future ahead of him as a star prosecutor, and was the son-in-law to the head of the largest law firm in their country. But when he witnesses corruption in the prosecutor’s office and reports it, he loses everything. He tries to rebuild his life and turn his small and pathetic neighborhood law office into a second chance to become a lawyer who protects people and protects the law, and grows as a person in the process. 《邻家律师赵德浩》是KBS于2016年3月28日播出的励志月火剧,改编自同名网络漫画,由李政燮执导,李香熙编剧,朴信阳、姜素拉、柳秀荣、朴帅眉主演。该剧讲述赵德浩因卷入到检察机关内部告发事件之中,从一名检察官降级为处理普通生活家庭事务的社区辩护律师的故事。