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Happy Once Again 再一次 (Korean Drama DVD)

A romantic comedy about a once-popular first generation girl-group, whose members are in their 30s and are living very different lives as well as the men they encounter as they fall in love once again. 《再一次》 又名 《再一次Happy Ending》 是由 张娜拉、郑敬淏、权律、刘仁娜、刘多仁主演。该剧主要讲述了韩国第一代女团组合Angels成员在离开娱乐圈后,与圈外男性展开爱情的故事。

Marriage Contract 結婚契約 (Korean Drama DVD)

The 2016 MBC Top Rating Korean Drama tells a romantic love story between a seriously ill heroine and the son of a chaebol to overcome adversity to achieve love and success. 《结婚契约》讲述了主人公姜慧秀(金宥真饰)与韩智勋(李瑞镇饰)之间哀切的爱情故事,重病的女主角与富二代男主角战胜逆境、实现爱情,是一部新派浪漫爱情剧。成为MBC2016收视冠军。