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No Reserve 巾帼枭雄之谍血长天 (TVB Drama DVD)

No Reserve also known as Rosy Business III, is a 2016 Hong Kong espionage television drama. It is the third installment of the critically acclaimed Rosy Business period drama series. Set primarily in Canton, China (now known as Guangzhou) during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the show's story follows the affairs of Chinese spies and their entanglements with underground triads and the Empire of Japan. 三十年代末日军侵华,动汤乱世之中,人如飘絮,身不由己!如此乱世能成就一个人,也能摧毁一个人,是王是寇,全凭一念之间。 战争之下,金钱就是一种力量的支持,一个胜利的筹码!一批由清朝皇帝遗留的四十吨黄金,正埋藏在广州。黄金之争,引发出一场有爱有恨的间谍之战!