Watch Out Boss 波士早晨


Watch Out, Boss stars Ben Wong (黃智賢), Flora Chan (陳慧珊), Tony Hung (洪永城), Ali Lee (李佳芯), Waise Lee (李子雄), Candace Chiu (趙希洛), and Steven Cheung (張致恒). 《波士早晨》是香港电视广播有限公司拍摄制作的时装爱情搞笑电视剧,共15集,于2018年2月12日在翡翠台首播。

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Product Information
DVD: NTSC 2.0 Stereo
Audio: Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Release Date: April 2018
Rated: PG
Number of Episodes: 15
Number of Disc: 4 High Definition DVD

Watch Out Boss 波士早晨 Synopsis 剧情简介

It’s said the office feels like a warzone. There are no eternal enemies or friends, only eternal and perpetual interests! Secretary to Marketing Director, LO JOY-LAM (Flora Chan), who is highly regarded by her superior, SUNG LAI-KAN (Lee Chi Hung), is dubbed the “Queen” in the company. She and the Sales Director, HONG SHING-YU (Tony Hung), are often caught in the corporate rat-race. Armed to the teeth everyday for work, SHING-YU’s secretary, YIU LOK-SZE (Ali Lee) often get by on her looks despite her mistakes, to which JOY-LAM couldn’t care less about because she always easily out-wits her. Recently, the company is developing a new brand, and both departments have their eyes on it. Unexpectedly, the senior management hires outsider HUI LAP-KIU (Ben Wong) to be the Marketing Director for the newly developed brand, which greatly startles JOY-LAM. Apart from that, JOY-LAM is also busy assisting the grandson of the owner WING CHUN-HEI (Steven Cheung). With each experiencing significant change in their situation, the relationship of LAP-KIU and JOY-LAM as an ex-couple  is gradually exposed, inflaming tensions among the minefield of company politics. What’s more, even the longstanding ties between the traditional duo of boss and secretary take on a new significance every single day……