Man of the Vineyard


Main cast: Yoon Eun-hye, Oh Man-seok, Chung So-young, Kim Ji-seok
Director: Park Man-young
Total Episodes: 17
Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Rated: PG
Studio: KBS
Release Date: July 24, 2006
Production Year: 2006
Running Time: Approx. 1020 min (17 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 4

Product Description

Technical Infomation

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 720×480 px
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections


‘The man of the vineyard’ is a comic story about
a girl from a big city who moves to a village to make money for
starting her own business and meets there a guy working in a
grape field. Dreaming of setting up her own apparel firm, Ji-hyun
one day receives an alluring offer from her relative who promises
her to leave a big grape field when he dies if she works in the
field for a year. At first, Ji-hyun insists she will never in her
life work on a farm, but eventually ends up becoming a farmer
because of her ever complaining mother. Ji-hyun decides to try
her best to achieve her dream of becoming an entrepreneur by
inheriting the grape field, but being a farmer turns out a
challenging task. To make things worse, the guy she meets in the
village, Taek-ki, keeps driving her crazy. However, after many
twists and turns Ji-hyun adapts to rustic life and opens up to
the warmhearted residents of the village as well as ends up
falling in love with Taek-ki.


Yoon Eun-hye

Lee Ji-hyun:Ji-hyun is a girl from a big city who
moves to a rural village to earn money to start her own business.
She adores money as the standard of everything in life and the
sole purpose of living. But that doesn’t mean that she recklessly
pursues windfall profits. This upbeat, a bit indiscreet yet
talented girl has a good sense of style and dreams of creating
her own apparel brand someday. She drinks espresso only in
high-end coffee shops and takes club dance classes to be at her
best when she goes clubbing. Albeit audacious and unabashed on
the outside, she has a pure heart deep inside.

Oh Man-seok

Chang Taek-ki: A mysterious rough-looking guy from
a rural village, Taek-ki works in a grape field, helping his
grandfather in everything. His grandfather raised him and even
sent him to college after Taek-ki’s father, who took care of the
grape field, died in a car accident when Taek-ki was in high
school. Taek-ki even broke up with his girlfriend after
graduating from college to pay his grandfather for everything he
has done for him.

Chung So-young

Kang Su-jin: Taek-ki’s ex-girlfriend, Su-jin comes
from a noble family and looks elegant, sophisticated and
intelligent. She drives a luxury car and wears luxury clothes,
and currently works as a senior food researcher. She went to
study abroad after Taek-ki turned down her offer to go together
and returned to his hometown after graduating from college. After
she comes back to Korea, she attempts to make Taek-ki move back
to the city by scouting him to her research center but as Taek-ki
keeps refusing to leave his hometown, Su-jin launches an organic
wine production project and visits Taek-ki’s farm along with
grape and wine experts. She even sets up a container near his
farm and vows to stay in the village forever unless Taek-ki
agrees to go with her.

Kim Ji-seok

Kim Kyung-min: Kyung-min is a guy Ji-hyun used to
love one-sidedly years before. He has a good sense of humor and
style and good manners. Ji-hyun met him at a college club and
fell in love with him at first sight, but her efforts to
captivate his heart failed to change his feelings for his pretty
girlfriend he was dating at the time. But years later Ji-hyun
learns that Kyung-min works for a public healthcare center in a
small village and is still single but looks even cuter than
before. He lives in a cozy cottage room because of his status as
a village doctor and exercises every single day to keep in shape.
He is also a meticulous and careful doctor.

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Man of the Vineyard

Man of the Vineyard


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