Hong Gil-Dong the Hero


Main cast: Kang Ji Hwan as Hong Gil Dong, Sung Yu Ri as Heo Lee Nok, Jang Geun Suk as Lee Chang Hwui, Kim Ri Na as Seo Eun Hyo.
Director: Lee Jung-sup
Total Episodes: 24
Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Rated: PG
Studio: KBS
Release Date: 2008-Jan-02
Production Year: 2008
Running Time: Approx. 1460 min (24 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 6

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Technical Infomation

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 720×480 px
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections

‘Hong Gil-dong, the Hero’ is a comical historical drama that
differs from typical hero stories with supernatural powers. It
focuses more on human perspective. The main characters are those
of modern times and the story is youthful and bright.

Hong Gil-dong (Kang Ji-hwan) was born as an
illegitimate child of Minister Hong. As the family continues to
ignore him through years, he gives up on a social career and
lives a life of mischief. Although his martial art skills are
formidable, he spends most of his time with the dancers and women
in town, making him nothing more than a neighborhood thug.

But when he ran across Lee Nok (Sung Yu-ri) and
Lee Chang-hwi (Chang Gun-suk), his life of pleasure suddenly
changes into the life of a ‘Robin Hood’ . His comrade Lee Nok
lives the life as a wanderer in the streets, but actually is the
only daughter of a wealthy nobleman. Her rough and boyish
personality begins to change as she falls in love with her
friend, Hong Gil-dong. However, she runs into a dilemma when she
comes to learn that Hong Gil-dong’s father had something to do
with her father’s death.

Lee Chang-hwi is in fact a prince. When his
step-brother received the throne, he barely escaped from death
and met a group of thieves, later to become their leader. Now he
is hiding his identity and acting as the robbers of justice. He
robs the corrupted rich and then gives those goods to the poor.
Hiding his inner pain, Lee Chang-hwi was out to make a revenge on
the evil and corrupt officials with his sword. He came across Lee
Nok and Hong Gil-dong and became comrades. As time goes by, Lee
Chang-hwi falls in love with Lee Nok. But when he comes to learn
that she loves Hong Gil-dong, he falls into despair and betrays

In this triangle of love and fate, what decisions
will the three make? Will Hong Gil-dong choose his girl Lee Nok
or his friend Lee Chang-hwi? And what will be ahead of Lee
Chang-hwi as he betrays his friend out of jealousy?

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