Fugitive Plan B


Main cast:Bi / Rain as Ji Woo, Lee Na Young as Jini, Lee Jung Jin as Chief Detective Do Soo, Daniel Henney as Kai, Uehara Takako as Kieko, Takenaka Naoto as Hiroki (Kieko's father), Sung Dong Il as Nakamura Hwang, Gong Hyung Jin as Master Jang, Jo Hee Bong as James, Eric Tsang as Kai's business partner.
Director:Kwak Jung Hwan
Total Episodes: 20
Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Rated: PG
Studio: KBS
Release Date:01 April 2011
Production Year:2010-Sep-29
Running Time: Approx. 1200 min (20 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 5

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Technical Infomation

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 720×480 px
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections


“Fugitive” is no longer a Korean drama serial. It is an international drama series.

In South Korea, you are not allowed to work on a secret investigation or be a private detective.
This is why Jiwoo’s official job title is called “P.I.A (Private Investigation Administrator)”.

Many years ago, Jiwoo handled the case of Asian couple who died at a casino in Las Vegas.
As a result, Jiwoo received astronomical amount of money as the reward and also became one of the top detectives.
Jiwoo didn’t know this incident would rebound upon him at that time.
He loses his best friend Gyudong and meets a lady named Jini.

Jini requests Jiwoo to find a person calls Melchidec.
Jini believes that Melchidec is the one who killed her foster parents and she will also get killed by him.
She thinks Jiwoo drew the conclusion that her adoptive parents committed suicide, even though he knows all these facts.

As Jiwoo and Jini come closer to getting the full story of the case, they notice that they fall in love for each other. The plot continues.

The star studded upcoming Korean drama series “Fugitive” will be more crowded as a Japanese pop idol , Uehara Takako join the cast.

uehara takako

She will play as Kieko, a top Japanese singer who falls in love with Ji-hoo (play by Rain).
Keiko father , Hiroki, will be played by Japanese famous actor Takenaka Naoto.

Uehara Takako, 27 years old, was former member of hot Okinawan female idol group Speed, selling million singles and album.
She has acting experience too, played alongside Ryu Shi Won in television drama “Koino Karasawagi – Drama Special” (Nihon TV, 2005).

Hopefully, “Fugitive” with so many heavyweight star (Rain, Daniel Henney, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin), capable of displaying an interesting drama. Because it would be very disappointing if “Fugitive” with a lot of superstar , failed to deliver a good drama.

Chinese singer and actress Josie Ho to complete it’s star-studded line up


Looks like the Fugitive production team was less than satisfied with the composition of its star players from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.
Yesterday they added Chinese singer and actress Josie Ho to complete it’s star-studded line up.

Josie Ho will play Chinese character Hwai who chases after Ji Woo (played by Rain).
35 years old Josie Ho is daughter of Stanley Ho, Hong Kong billionaire and she sometimes was called Chinese Paris Hilton.

She is well known for her roles in the award-winning films Purple Storm (1999), Butterfly (2004) and Exiled (2006).
Fugitive aka Domangja s1 will debut next September in KBS2.

Hong Kong famous star, Eric Tsang joins Rain’s “Fugitive”


Starred by Korean superstar Rain, Danniel Henney, Lee Na Young and Japanese pop idol Uehara Takako and Japanese star Takenaka Naoto, now Hong Kong famous face Eric Tsang is confirming to join the drama.

Eric Tsang , 57 years old, who also a film director and producer showed his interest in this drama and said that he really love to appear in Fugitive, even without payment !
Eric already appeared in more than 100 movies, including famous Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs trilogy alongside Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

Eric Tsang role in Fugitive is General Wi , Kai (Daniel Henney) business partner who ask Ji Woo (Rain) to help him solve a murder in Macau.

Really can’t wait for Fugitive KBS September debut !

Interview with Rain on the New Drama “The Fugitive: Plan B”

Singer and actor Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), who made a comeback to the small screen after a five-year break by appearing in “The Fugitive: Plan B,” said at the production presentation, “I took the role of an extraordinary character who cannot be found on TV Channels or in the movies. I wanted to create a totally new character in this drama.” The action drama filmed in many cities of Asian countries, will tell the story of an astronomically valued gold bar which had disappeared during the Korean War. It is also noteworthy as the production director Kwak Jung Hwan and writer Chun Sung Il, who had participated in producing the drama “The Slave Hunters,” have formed a production team again.

Jung Ji Hoon plays a private investigator named Ji Woo who cares greatly about money and women. Ji Woo has a shameless and positive personality, but he will be challenged by becoming involved in an unfinished case. As he had received a request to take on the case from a mysterious woman named Jin Yi (Lee Na Young), he ended up engaging in a large-scale conspiracy involving the said gold bar. Rain added, “The writer told me that he wanted to make a character who is very serious but focused person when it comes to issues of women and money, and I totally agreed with his idea.” Ji Woo will continuously be chased by a policeman named Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin), so the chase scenes take up a large portion of the drama. He also said, “I feel really good about this drama. I actually had a very auspicious dream, but I did not buy any lottery tickets so I could apply all that luck toward the drama¬ís success instead. If the viewer ratings for this drama reach more than 40 percent, I will disclose what it was about.”

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