Autumn Shower


Main cast: Jung Rye-Won, Oh Ji-ho, Kim So-Hyun
Director: Yoon Jae-moon
Total Episodes: 16
Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Rated: PG
Studio: MBC
Release Date: 2005/9/21
Production Year: 2005
Running Time: Approx. 960 min (16 Episodes)
No. of Disc: 4

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Technical Infomation

Format: NTSC
Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer
Video: Mpeg 2
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3
Audio Channels: 2
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 720×480 px
Format: NTSC
Region code: All Countries
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections


The Two Close Friends; Gyu-eun and Yeon-seo-Though their
personalities and tastes are quite different- they have built a
very special bond over the years.One day both women run into a
man named Yoon-jae on two separate occasions. Both of them have a
crush on him. Without realizing she loves the same man that her
best friend loves- both of them are just happy to find someone
special. When Gyu-eun introduces to Yeon-seo Yoon-jae as her
boyfriend- Yeon-seo is shocked. When asked about the man that she
has been talking about- Yeon-seo names Soo-hyeong, who is just a
friend.Soo-hyeong is Gyu-eun and Yeon-seo’s friend. Left
without any other choices. Yeon-seo gives up Yoon-jae for
Gyu-eun. Even though Yeon-seo tries to avoid Yoon-jae, the four
people often hang out together.Despite their families’
disapproval, Gyu-eun and Yoon-jae’s love get deeper and
deeper. However Yeon-seo can’t put Yoon-jae out of her
mind. Hiding her feelings about her friend’s fiance-
she helps her friend prepare for the wedding. Yoon-jae and
Gyu-eun are Married.Yeon-seo believes that she can forget the man
who became her best friend’s husband. However, Gyu-eun has
an accident and falls into coma. Yoon-jae doesn’t give up
Gyu-eun. Yoon-jae’s parents who initially weren’t
thrilled about his marrying Gyu-eun persuade him to leave
Gyu-eun. However, believing that she’ll wake up soon-
Yoon-jae legalizes their marriage. Yeon-seo is touched by his
love.Since he can’t be by his wife’s bedside all the
time- he sometimes asks Yeon-seo to take care of Gyu-eun whenever
he goes out of town on business or works late. There isn’t
any agreement between the two, but they take turns taking care of
Gyu-eun now. Yeon-seo realizes that she still has special
feelings for Yoon-jae. She tries to avoid him. Without knowing
about Yeon-seo’s feelings Yoon-jae believes that she
blames him for her best friend’s accident. Since Yeon-seo
isn’ t sure if she can resist any longer, she volunteers to
be transferred abroad and leaves the country.



Choi Yoon-jae – Actor: Oh Ji-ho (Age: 29-32/ Owner of the
construction company ‘Mi-geon’)

He’s raised by a music professor father and a very
sophisticated mother. He hasn’t known any difficulties while
growing up. He’s very well-read- nice, and active. He has a good
sense of humor. He has a very sound philosophy about life. He’s
very sincere. He’s a decent man who doesn’t come around very
often. He’s very popular with women, but he hasn’t known many.
Unlike his almost perfect appearance he’s very shy around women.
He started a construction company with some friends. He also
participates in a project in which he builds houses for the poor.
He runs his company through hard work and honesty. He’s a
respected CEO. A charming and socially respected man gets
confused when he realizes that he’s falling for his wife’s best
friend. He’s thrown into total confusion. He loves them both.
He’s become a target of criticism and sympathy.


Lee Gyu-eun – Actor: Kim So-yeon (Age: 26-29/Biochemist)

She was a smart child. She was the top student at school.
Despite her difficult family situation, she went to college on a
scholarship and graduated first in the class. She’s
competitive and challenging. She’s decisive and bold. She’s
reserved and she doesn’t talk much. She doesn’t express her
feelings often. She quietly does her own thing. She doesn’t have
many friends, but she has a few close ones. However, she’s ready
to do anything for her friends, but in return, she expects others
to do the same. She lost her father when she was very young. Her
mother died when she was a high school student. Since then, she’s
relied on Yeon-seo like her own sister. She seems strong, but she
hides her feelings of loss, loneliness and insecurity. Her hobby
is shooting. She becomes good enough to compete in the Olympics.
She’s the youngest PhD and professor in Korea. She’s a member of
the research team developing medicines for serious diseases. Her
dream is to become a Nobel Prize winner. However, she marries her
first love Yoon-jae and has an accident on their honeymoon, which
makes her fall into a coma.


Park Yeon-seo – Actor: Jeong Ryeo-won (Age: 26-29/Interior
designer of ‘Green World’)

Her parents are divorced and her father was abusive. Her
friendship with Gyu-eun was the only way of escaping from her
terrible reality. Growing up, she had twisted images of fathers
and men. She envies Gyu-eun’s talents and she loves her as her
own sister. She’s cheerful and active, but she doesn’s have a
goal in life. She always seems to have plans and dreams, but she
has just as many excuses not to carry out her plans. She’s afraid
of many things and she’s indecisive. It seems that she says out
loud everything coming to her mind, but she’s hesitant to talk
about her passions and what she really wants in life. However,
she’s very clear about what she likes or not. She has a hard time
doing things by herself, but sometime thanks to Gyu-eun, she does
something she otherwise wouldn’s have done. Thanks to Gyu-eun’s
advice, she realizes that she’s very talented in interior
designing. When she learns that the man she loves is in love with
Gyu-eun, she gives him up for Gyu-eun. However, while taking care
of Gyu-eun, she’s impressed and touched by Yoon-jae’s devotion.
She falls in love with Yoon-jae. She’s confused between
friendship and love.


Kim Soo-hyeong – Actor: Lee Cheon-hee (Age: 28-31/Doctor)

He’s a mutual friend of Gyu-eun and Yoen-seo. He’s
good-natured and a very good listener. Gyu-eun and Yeon-seo feel
comfortable telling to him whatever they have in mind. He’s a
neurosurgeon who is charge of Gyu-eun. He’s been secretly in love
with Yeon-seo.

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